Garlic Cheese Bread

Fresh French roll smothered with garlic butter and melted cheese.



Soup of the day

Chef’s special of the day served with a freshly baked dinner roll.

S $3.50 L $5.95


Spring Rolls

Half dozen vegetable spring rolls served with sweet chili dipping sauce.



Portobello Stuffed Mushroom

Portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach, cream cheese and pesto topped with grilled cheese.




Mussels, Calamari, Prawns and fish of the day, simmered in a saffron seafood broth.




Sauteed snails served with garlic butter and a dinner roll.



Samosas: Lamb or Vegetable

Three samosas (triangular savory pastries) filled with either curried lamb or curried vegetables deep fried to a golden brown and served with a sweet chili dipping sauce.



Potato Skins

Three large potato skins filled with cheddar cheese, bacon, sour cream and topped with chives.



Tender calamari, lightly seasoned then flash fried, served with our homemade garlic mayonnaise.



Chicken Strips

Succulent chicken strips served with a side of Cajun mayonnaise or your favorite dipping sauce.



Peri-Peri Chicken Livers

Chicken livers sauteed in a traditional South African spicy peri-peri sauce. Served with a dinner roll.




Half shell New Zealand green lip mussels in our Homestyle sauce. Served with a dinner roll.



Smoked Salmon

Smoked in-house, served with horseradish, red onion, capers and croutons.



Biltong Bowl

Traditional South African beef jerky.



Buffalo Wings / Peri-Peri Wings /
Spicy BBQ Wings

A half dozen of steaming hot wings, served in a zesty buffalo or Peri-Peri sauce.

1/2 dozen $6.95

Served with blue cheese or ranch dressing, celery & carrot sticks.

Dozen $11.95


Sampler Platter

This large platter highlighting the chef’s favorite appetizers includes fried calamari, a 1/2 dozen of our famous wings, four spring rolls and boerewors with our traditional tomato & onion sauce. Served with fries and dipping sauces.